An Innovative Breakthrough in Solar Panel Design

An Innovative Breakthrough in Solar Panel Design: "Indium tin oxide is the main component when creating solar panels and its main purpose is to supply a conductor that transfers the solar power into electrical power; and its cost is on the rise. It is due to this reason alone that the price of solar panels are skyrocketing making it to where only those who have funds above their means can afford to install a solar powered system in their home or business.

Princeton University researchers have been able to create a new type of plastic that can conduct electricity much the same way as indium tin oxide. Because of this innovative invention; they have been able to test and prove that this new type of plastic is a viable alternative to the old style solar panels.

Not only is this modern plastic one way of producing low cost solar panels, they are also made out of organic products, which only help make them even more eco-friendly and green. This will not only appeal to those people who always figured that solar panels would cost them an arm and a leg; it will also appeal to those people who wish to preserve this planet that we all live on."

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