Solar Spark Lighter

Do you need a lighter for trekking, backpacking,camping, picnic, bbq, boating or grilling that is generated from the sun?  "The Solar Spark Lighter" is made by which is actually a stainless steel parabolic mirror which is similar to the torch that is used in the Olympic Torch in Athens, Greece.  

The price of the Solar Spark Lighter is very reasonable with an asking price around $17.95 plus shipping and is actually a product made in the USA.  Also, if you search on Google, you can also find blemished lighter for a less amounf of money.

Please use extreme caution when using this product and children should be supervised.

If you are interested in purchasing the Solar Spark Lighter, click this link.


Ryan said...

Whata great energy saver, oh why didn't I think of that doh!!!

Melissa said...

I wish I had created this 2. Dang it!